Thursday, March 18, 2010

Painting Experiment

Since buying a townhome in December we have been in the process of figuring out paint colors and beginning to decorate. Everything was white (except the bright yellow bathroom and the burnt orange kitchen cabinets!!), so we had a pretty clean slate to work with.

I think we have changed our minds a zillion times, and then some! We would think that we really liked something, but then we would bring it home and put it in natural lighting and would absolutely hate it.

We finally found some colors that we thought we liked and went to work painting our bedroom in January. We choose a nice warm caramel color that we thought would compliment our black furniture and dark red comforter set. We liked it at first, but now that it has been on the walls for about six weeks - we HATE it! Not at all the look that we were going for.

So, we are on the hunt for the perfect color for our bedroom again.

Meanwhile, we bought WAY too much of the accent wall color of paint for our living room (looong story about this!). So, we decided to experiment the other night and try mixing some nettle (from the living room) and white to see if we could come up with something that we liked.

Here's my sweet man mixing the paint.

And here are the three colors while we were still mixing. I forgot to take one of the final product.

I'll post pictures once we finally decide to paint our room so that you can see how it turns out. I'll be sure to include a before and after.

Do you have any bad paint stories to share?


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  1. Well, when we were building our house, I wanted my room to be a western theme. So my Ma and I painted a mural(?is that what it's called?) of mountains, cactus, desert, and sky. I had seen in a catalog these little paper horses. And when we got them, it turned out the horses were the EXACT same color as the mountains :( Thanks to our schedules, we were never able to fix it, and ended up painting over it all. :( Too bad, right?
    Ah, well. Life never goes how you planned, right?